Autism awareness

Welcome to autism awareness from the experience of an Asperger’s woman who was undiagnosed until her early forties, after falling through every medical crack in the nhs.

I knew I was different from primary school when I sat dejected in a corner of my classroom watching the kids play merrily games which I had little interest in

I was socially awkward as I lacked empathy for my peers, and preferred to stay in a safer Fantasyland, which buffeted me from the hostility of the brats around me, and the loud noises they made in the playground. I was terrified of an environment over which I had no understanding of

I had to seek solace in my over active imagination, which sent me of to a world in which I was being applauded on stage instead of being banished to lonely corners of the school like some total reject. Looking back my flight s into fantasy were the product of the dominance of the right brain hemisphere over the undeveloped left hemisphere which provides us with maths, language and logical thinking. Yes, none of the above were my forte. It took years of nightly reading to make me fluent in my first language. I was determined to activate my left brain with decades of practise. I had to gain entry into a normal world even if it meant being a bookish nerd. I would never lose my fantasy life, but I couldn’t let it dictate my life. But even now my
Imagination has caused me to make bad decisions as I was not being pragmatic. I guess I will always be off with the fairies as I prefer fairy land to real life as real folk with their hidden motives still flumox me. I am still a straight forward person at my age who was brought up to take folk at facevalue by a naive family who were uneducated maids and cleaners. I have been more blessed to get an education they never received.

New Page ‹ Autism awareness — I will start by thanking all my followers who kindly support me even if I do ramb le on at times. Yesterday I said something about past life recall, which is a crucial part of my spiritual life. I believe it is an ability I share with other aspies as our imagination gives usContinue reading “New Page ‹ Autism awareness —”

Autism awareness

I have said much about difference s in left and right brain which in autism is always extreme, which meant in my case that my thinking was visual. Also my decision s were based on my private fantasy world, instead of sound practical thinking . This has led to disastrous college and career choices, whichContinue reading “Autism awareness”

Autism awareness

I envied those with maths, languages and analysis abilities. My creative brain is helpful for escape into fantasy, and past life regression, even psychic abilities. Yet as I grew older it was no use in the adult world. I struggled to learn French and German. I love those countries and would have loved in themContinue reading “Autism awareness”

Autism awareness

As idealistic as I am I regret my extreme right brain. I envy the left brain ability of maths, languages and analytical capacity. I am glad for my imagination and creativity, but I wish sometimes that I was a more realistic person. My life would have been easier as I would have been more astuteContinue reading “Autism awareness”


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